female founder of BeMe smiling

The year before BeMe, I was a new mother balancing my career, the heaviness of postpartum, a feisty 1 year old, and my everyday wellness. Somewhere between early mornings, late nights and shifting responsibilities, I realised my wellness routine wasn’t a routine anymore, and it became difficult to keep track of how many supplement pills I took, or how many scoops of collagen powder I blended into my smoothie.

So I started looking for something that would take care of my wellness needs, on-the-go.

What I found was more supplement options that prescribed pills in threes and sixes, powders that took forever to mix, and a long list of ingredients and claims that took a lot of time to decipher.

It left me feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. It dawned on me that the health supplement industry could only offer me a traditional solution when I was looking for a modern one.

So I set out to create liquid supplements that would replace the ritual of pills and powders, be effective and were science-backed. When I broke it down, the ideal supplement had to taste great with no mix or prep, be small and transportable, and work with my body for visible, feel-good results.

To formulate a liquid supplement that could do all of the above, I knew working up with a team of certified nutritionists and medical professionals was important to BeMe’s mission. Many months of selecting clinically-proven ingredients, formulations, and taste checks later, these 5 liquid supplements found their way into my ever changing routines.

I like to think of them as the ‘liquid wellness’ solutions to my daily wellness moments - I hope you will, too!

I truly believe supplements can be effective, convenient, and functional (stylish too!) to finally serve today’s on-the-go and multitasking woman: all of us.

BeMe’s mission is to support everyday wellness on your time. We’ve made it easy by stripping it down to  

  • Just one liquid supplement serving a day in a convenient tear, sip and go sachet
  • Patented and clinically proven ingredients that work with your body for visible, feel-good results
  • Nutritionist formulated solutions that spotlight hero ingredients and its functions

So wherever you are in your day, we hope that moment of liquid wellness is your way to Be Radiant, Healthy, Zen, Strong or Sharp.


Michelle C