How to boost your immune system

Simply put, you're looking at the body's immune system, and it is a complex machine made up of cells in various organs that work together to defend against pathogens like bacteria or viruses. The more these parts do their job properly - by preventing entry into your tissues where they can cause damage - the less likely you'll fall ill with an infection!

It's important to stay healthy and fight off an illness, but sometimes the body needs a little extra support. Lifestyle habits are the backbone of your immune system, and if you're not feeling well it can make all the difference between staying healthy or getting sick. Luckily for us, there are tons out already on how we should be living our lives in order to keep ourselves infection-free! Here I have five scientifically-backed ways that will help boost my immunity!

Have a healthy diet

It's important to maintain a healthy diet in order for the immune system to be strong. This means you should eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, and legumes as well as whole grains. A good way of doing this is by eating lean protein such as chicken breast which provides energy but doesn't contain any saturated fat or cholesterol!

It also helps if your meals include micronutrients like Vitamin B6 C & E so that they can work properly with other key parts within our body responsible for managing illness prevention - from brain cells down every Which has something miraculous happen when all its parts come together: Immune privilege!

Minimize and avoid stress

Do you know how we always tell you to be happy and healthy? Well, it's important for your immune system too.

Stress can affect the way in which our bodies respond when faced with an infection or illness- so if you're feeling stressed out often then there may be a chance that stress has had some effect on the health of not only yourself but also those around you as well.

It is good to know about cortisol, which is a hormone that the body releases in response to stress and has both beneficial effects on immune function as well as negative impacts when continually elevated. When cortisol levels are high, it blocks your immune system from kicking into gear.

There are plenty of ways to relieve stress, but each person needs something that works best for them. Some people will find meditation helpful and others might prefer journaling or even fishing! Try doing at least one activity every day in order to reduce your levels.

Quality sleep is the key

When you don’t get enough sleep, your immune system may not do these things as well. This makes it less able to defend against harmful invaders and increases the chances of getting sick!

One study published in the July-August 2017 issue of Behavioral Sleep Medicine found that compared with healthy young adults who did not have any problems sleeping at night; otherwise healthy young people with insomnia were more susceptible to catching even a flu virus if vaccinated just before fell ill.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends all adults get at least seven hours of sleep per night to optimize health. To ensure you're getting quality slumber, prioritize good sleep hygiene: Turn off the electronics two-to-three hours before bedtime and avoid violent or stressful books or conversations for a restful night's unwinding and we know how important that is!

Don’t forget about exercises

Do you know how exercise is not just for building muscles and helping you de-stress? It's also an important part of being healthy.

The way that physical activity may improve immune function, though it might sound crazy at first glance, has actually been proven by studies done throughout the years!

In fact, research shows engaging in a little bit more than 30 minutes per day can stimulate your body’s natural defenses to better fight off infection - which means getting active will always be key no matter what life throws our way.

Be Healthy

In order to stay safe, it's important that your immune system remain active. This is why we created a liquid supplement which includes the good bacteria needed for optimal digestion and protection from everyday antigens or foreign substances like food allergies - balancing out any potential gut microbiome imbalances, in turn, helps enhance bodywide responses by protecting you against illness while also supporting immunity through production of antibodies at an increased rate.

Be You

Lifestyle habits are your best bet for a strong immune system, and you can even keep them up with a busy lifestyle. Just give them a try!
Let us know how you bust your immune system!

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