How to beat the Monday blues

You know that feeling when you wake up on a Monday morning and it's raining outside, your alarm clock goes off at 6 am with no coffee in sight? It can feel like an uphill battle.

Everyone’s productivity is affected by our Mondays Blues - both for those around us as well as ourselves! There are often negative feelings spread throughout the office when we're unhappy at work, which makes things very difficult not just personally, but also professionally too. Since one person has a bad mood, swings might affect everyone else who works alongside them.

Lucky for all of us though, because today I have some tips about how to make these mornings suck.

Don't live for the weekends
It’s no secret that people who are stressed at work tend to be much happier on the weekends. They get time for themselves, spend quality one-on-one moments with family or friends and do things they love without any guilt of neglecting their responsibilities during weekdays!

So don't only look forward to Saturday nights when you can have fun in new ways. Plan some activities throughout these 7 days too, even if it means setting aside an evening just playing games online while catching up over coffee afterward (or even before).

There isn't anything wrong with taking care of ourselves by relaxing once every seven days. It does wonder in improving your mood which will certainly make life more enjoyable overall, but don't do it one day a week, do it a little daily!

Don't mess with your sleep cycle
Sleep is a precious thing. It can be difficult to get enough of it, especially after a busy night of adventures with girls in the club.

Sleep helps us prepare our bodies for future challenges by repairing any damage done during Friday night benders or long hours at work - so resist those old habits! 7-9 hours will help you to be well-rested, refreshed and ready for anything that comes your way!

Wake up early on Monday
When you wake up before the rest of your family, it's an opportunity for some well-deserved alone time. You can get ready and just spend five or ten minutes focusing only on yourself without thinking about what needs to be done during that hectic day ahead!

We advise you to catch the moment and take our Energy Boost - Be Strong, to be sure you will make face all the problems during the day

Dress for success
New dress, new day.

You can wear red to feel more confident when heading into work on Monday morning! Some studies recommend wearing the color of love for an extra boost in your career goals and aspirations.

Whatever you do though - don't forget that being well-dressed means being one of those people setting the energy around them so others are ready to succeed too; it'll take care of both worlds with just one outfit change each day :) So treat this Monday like an event!

Treat yourself
Allow yourself something special today! Treat yourself with a little snack or online shopping during lunch hour. Get those new kicks that will remind us all why we do what we do by giving ourselves these occasional indulgences - they help make life worth living again in an otherwise mundane world filled only with drudgery.

You can make your day more positive with the right attitude. Small changes will add up over time, so start now!

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